Two Nations Divided by a Common Language

‘Two nations divided by a common language’ is part of a quote by George Bernard Shaw the only person to win a Nobel Prize in Literature and an Oscar. Having lived in the States for five years ourselves some of the differences in the way language is used would often make us chuckle. It seemed like a good idea for a blog post. During some preliminary online research though we came across EFFINGPOT.

Reading EFFINGPOT transformed our mere chuckles into hearty guffaws until finally we ended up ‘rolling around in stitches’, not literally you understand. Sometimes you just have to admit that someone has already written something better than you’ll ever manage.

So in case you haven’t come across it before, the magic of Dr. Effingpot.

We especially like the story of how the name Effingpot actually came about. Sadly, the physical book seems to be out of print.

On a similar vein, we came across this Infographic from the always entertaining website; The Meta Picture

In the words of our friends from when we lived in Texas; “Enjoy y’all”

Two Nations Divided by a Common Language
Two Nations Divided by a Common Language

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