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Author: Nigel Rundstrom

7 Things You Should Know About Stonehenge

One of the most popular destinations outside of London is the mysterious stone circle known as Stonehenge. Over 1 million people a year visit this fascinating place and it is considered such an important prehistoric monument that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1. How old is it ?

The earliest part

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Royal Gun Salutes

Royal Gun Salutes are one of those wonderfully traditional and nostalgic occasions, full of pomp and ceremony. They mark special occasions and are an absolute spectacle to behold. The most common, recurring, dates are:

6th February – Accession Day – the Queen acceded to the throne the same day her father died in

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Wimbledon: The Home of Tennis

With the Championships rapidly approaching, we thought we’d give some perspective on one of the great occasions in the British sporting calendar as well as one of the most popular events in the British social season.

Worple Rd – where it all began

In 1869 a 4 acre plot of land, just

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Bristol: Bath’s ‘Scruffy Cousin’ ?

We’re often taking clients around the West Country but usually it’s to the sweeping Georgian terraces of Bath. We were quite excited therefore when a school event allowed us to spend a weekend in Bristol.

Bristol has about 5 times as many people as Bath but only about twice the number of

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From the Affluent to the Effluent

Forgotten Victorian Heroes

Who would you consider to be Victorian Greats; Charles Darwin, Florence Nightingale, George Stephenson? All were remarkable people and rightfully celebrated. Indeed all have even adorned British banknotes at one time or another.

We commemorate though three underappreciated people who devoted their lives to combating London’s considerable problems, who

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