Dover, Canterbury and Leeds Castle Tour

Our first stop is the port town of Dover, famous for its White Cliffs.

Perched up on the hill is Dover Castle. Walk around the castle grounds, taking in the Roman Pharos (lighthouse) which was used as a navigational aid to shipping 2,000 years ago! Climb the Great Tower for stunning views over the sea to France.

Don’t miss the underground tunnels which housed the nerve centre for the evacuation of Dunkirk during World War II. A dramatic reenactment tells how over 338,000 troops were rescued from the beaches.

Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond stories, lived just outside Dover. He is said to have taken the idea of using 007 from the local bus service between Deal and London.

We then take a short drive to Canterbury, where Christianity was first established in England more than 1,400 years ago. The Cathedral, is one of the oldest and famous Christian structures in England. It is the Mother Church of the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

As well as the dramatic architecture and superb stained glass windows, the north transept features the spot where Thomas Becket was struck down and killed by Knights loyal to King Henry II in 1170.

Exploring the narrow, bustling streets close by the Cathedral feels like travelling back in time and makes this a highly attractive town to visit.

59 Palace St was where Robert Cushman transacted the hire of the Mayflower for the Pilgrim Fathers.

Leeds Castle is quite rightly known as ‘The Loveliest Castle in the World’ and offers incredible views over the moat to the castle itself. It was home to 6 Medieval Queens of England and became part of their ‘dower’ or personal property.

In 1926 Lady Baillie, daughter of an American heiress, bought Leeds Castle. She became famous for her lavish hospitality; a real life version of the ‘Great Gatsby’. Visitors included Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, Edward and Mrs Simpson as well as Sir Winston Churchill.

The Culpeper family owned Leeds Castle in the 1600’s. They controlled 5 million acres in the American colony of Virginia. Catherine Culpeper later married into the Fairfax family. Both Culpeper and Fairfax County, Virginia derive their names from this family.

This is a long tour and is more popular in the summer when attractions have longer opening hours. Alternatively, we offer a shorter version where you choose 2 of the 3 destinations.

11 hour Dover, Canterbury and Leeds Castle tour

£ 920 (1-4 people)
£ 950 (5-7 people)

9 hour Canterbury and Leeds Castle tour

£ 830 (1-4 people)
£ 860 (5-7 people)

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Canterbury Cathedral
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