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British Museum Tour

The cavernous British Museum houses an unparalleled collection of artefacts tracing the development of ancient civilisations from all over the world. It is London’s most popular museum, attracting well over 5 million visitors annually.

The strikingly modern Great Court, opened by the Queen in 2000, has the appearance of a huge, glass spider web. It provides a central focal point as you make your journey around the world’s civilisations.

Highlights of the tour include:

  • Rosetta Stone– the most important discovery of the 19th century for understanding Ancient Egyptian literature and civilisation, knowledge that had been lost for 1,400 years
  • Parthenon Marbles– best collection of artefacts from the most important surviving building of Classical Greece
  • Egyptian Mummies– impressive collection of people and animals that have been mummified to prepare for their journey to the afterlife
  • Ginger – the world’s oldest man, a mere 5,000 years old

Sir Hans Sloane, a famous physician and avid collector, bequeathed his huge collection of objects and specimens to the Nation in 1753. This formed the founding collection of the British Museum. We also have Sloane to thank for one of the world’s great discoveries; chocolate!

  • Up to 4 hours
    £ 255

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British Museum: Egyptian Mummies
British Museum: Parthenon Marbles - The River God Ilissos