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Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour

‘Swinging London’ describes the carefree cultural scene of the 1960’s. Bands such as the BeatlesRolling Stones and the Who spearheaded a new rebellious youth movement in post-war London.

Rock stars led chaotic and sometimes scandalous lifestyles. Artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, David Bowie and Amy Winehouse lived, recorded and partied in London, often with tragic consequences.

We trace the steps and recount the stories of these Rock ‘n’ Roll legends. Get set for a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ encompassing:

  • Studios where the Beatles recorded most of their music (with the famous crossing)
  • Eccentric designer shop said to be the origin of the Punk Rock movement
  • Building that became front cover of Pink Floyd album and caused air traffic chaos
  • House where Paul McCartney composed Eleanor Rigby
  • Legendary music venue where Amy Winehouse tragically made her last public appearance (as a support act)

The Beatles last ever performance was broken up by police after just 40 minutes! They were on the roof of the Apple Corp HQ filming the documentary ‘Let it Be’ but as word got around, traffic was brought to a standstill by local office workers jostling for position.

  • 4 hour tour
    £ 450 (1-4 people)
    £ 475 (5-7 people)

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London: Sarm Studios
London: Rough Trade East