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American Connections Tour

Not many people fully appreciate the incredibly intertwined history of Britain and the USA that still exists on the streets of London today.

From the Founding Fathers all the way up to the present day, many great characters and stories have impacted both nations.

Hear about:

  • The Londoner whose bequest led to the most famous university in the USA
  • The American who revolutionised shopping in England, never to be the same again
  • The Harvard graduate whose name adorns the most famous address in London
  • The scandalous American lady who brought the monarchy to its knees

The hotel where Theodore Roosevelt and FDR both honeymooned (although not together…)

The tour has been designed to be offer a mixture of historic and more contemporary links. Not to be missed for those who want to understand the origins of the ‘special relationship’.

Texas is famous for its independent spirit. There is a plaque in London commemorating the site of the Texas Legation, a form of embassy. This goes back to the 1840’s when Texas had already declared independence from Mexico but had not yet joined the Union.

  • 4 hour tour
    £ 450 (1-4 people)
    £ 475 (5-7 people)

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London: White Chapel Bell Foundry
London: George Peabody Statute